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Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector

Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector

Brand: Zenith
Product Code: JN-2040
Reward Points: 800
Availability: 49
₦30,000.00 ₦27,000.00


This high speed currency counting machine is easy to use and has convenient functions to ensure high accuracy. It is a fast, accurate, reliable currency counter designed to handle a wide variety of money counting jobs. it is designed to identify counterfeit bills by using Ultra Violet and Magnetic Detection systems.  it can operate in two modes: Addition Mode and Batch Function Mode. This model is widely used by Businesses/shops, Corporate Firms, Banks & Financial Institutions.

Key Features
Counts  1000 bills/min
Large, top-loading hopper holds 400 bills (new)            
Operating  modes: Count, add, and batch modes; add + batch mode
Value  counting with ValuCount
Authenticates  bills using ultraviolet (Zenith/Bill UV) and magnetic (Zenith/Bill UV/MG)  sensors
Infrared  sensors detect chain, double, and half notes, as well as  variations in note size
Rugged,  heavy-duty construction
Batch  presets plus programmable 1-99

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Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector
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