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Portable, long focus Interactive Whiteboard

Portable, long focus Interactive Whiteboard

Brand: Hybrid
Product Code: S17
Reward Points: 200
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Detail Description

Using Projector Genius S17, You can:
1. Use Opto-Electrical writing pen to operate PC directly on the projection screen, easy and fast.
2. Instant writing, marking and saving contents on the projection screen.
3. Can match with all kinds of education softwares.

High frame rate: High transmission speed, no delay, writing smoothly.
High adaptability: Can be using in any environment
High flexibility: Can be used on any surface
High resolution: The resolution is 6400*4800, can recognize and write very small letters.
High accuracy: Accuracy deviation is within 2 pixels, insure accurate operation with no error
Opto-electric writing pen can be pressed at all angles and can fluently write in any position
Device is small but portable with elegance, can interactive at anytime anywhere
Appearance with effectively advances user's image
Support large screen interactive. This interactive white board support at most 110 inch screens.

Installation Procedure

1. Hardware preparation
Connect projector and PC with VGA cable
Connect interactive white board S17 and PC with USB cable
2. Run the software and start calibration
3. Ready for presentation and performance

Application/ Solutions

Our company's portable electronic white board is good for business users and people who engages in training and education. It can realize interactive teaching and showing on white wall and regular white board with small size.

Technical Specifications

Principle of operation S17, which is possessed of new-fashioned function of high-speed, high accuracy and automatic anti-interference, introduces DIPI photoelectrical image processing techniques. After calibration through driver software, it can easily do interactive operation on screen by using photoelectrical writing pen or pointer instead of a mouse.

Light source 850nm infrared
Interface way of communication USB interface
Way of connecting <=10m Mini interface USB cable
Calibration guide Drive software
Calibration points number 9 points
Setting accuracy(deviation) <=4(pixel)
System average delay 25ms
Frame 60f/s
Resolution 6400*4800
Weight 151g
Size 140*81.6*15(mm)

Operating System Requirements

Operating system Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7
Processor Pentium 300 at least
Memory Above 512M
Hardware 20M free disk space
Interface USB2.0 interface

Software MPaint

Integrated writing, editing, saving files, pen-PC switching and some other high efficient functions, Mpaint ensure customers perform the best interactive presentations and lectures.

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Portable, long focus Interactive Whiteboard
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