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Spy Clock

Spy Clock

Brand: Hybrid
Product Code: 720P HD
Reward Points: 800
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The first worry that you will have when using a spy camera is being found out. That is why this fully functional digital clock's internal hidden camera is completely silent. It doesn't just act as a spy clock, it is a real working clock, so no suspicions will come your way to people who may see it on your desk. To view your recorded footage just connect the clock to your computer with the included USB cable. Or, you can simply pop out the Micro SD card and insert it into any computer. The video footage can also be easily downloaded and saved to your computer.

Record Months Of Video w/ Motion Activated Recording

Save battery & storage space. The desktop spy clock hidden camera has motion activated recording. This feature turns the camera on whenever movement enters its field of vision. You won’t be missing your moment of truth because motion activated recording mode allows it to record almost 3 hours of continuous footage. If you need more than that, this camera has a 32GB Micro SD card capacity to record 96 hours total. Your 12 hour continuous recording battery life will also benefit from the motion activation recording because the battery power will be saved until it is needed.

Spy Clock Hidden Cameras Capture Video In 1280 x 720 HD resolution

You won’t be squinting or questioning what you saw when you watch the crisp playback from this camera. While some spy cameras produce grainy, dark video, this camera shoots in clear HD 1280 x 720 resolution color video on a 32GB Micro SD card. Not only that, but dim lighting won’t be a problem because this 2 megapixel camera has the ability to capture video in low light conditions.

With the Spy Clock Hidden Camera , you can:

Make sure contractors and babysitters are trustworthy and honest
Keep an eye on the bedroom for unfaithful spouses
Make sure the kids aren’t sneaking out or getting into trouble
Monitor your home secretly, without attracting any suspicion (NOT MAC COMPATIBLE).


  • Functional wall clock hidden camera with SD DVR recorder
  • HD 1280x720 resolution color video
  • 1.0 megapixel HD camera sensor for clear video
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts 7 days in PIR standby mode
  • Hours video recording on to removeable 32GB SD card
  • Record mode: PIR motion sensor or continuous options
  • Time and date stamps on all footage
  • Watch playback on PC via cables or micro SD card
  • Easy-to-use & set-up in minutes

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Spy Clock
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