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CCTV Installation Training

CCTV Installation Training

Brand: Hybrid
Product Code: CCTV Training
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Hybrid Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Installation course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of the operation and installation of CCTV systems at a foundation level.

With recent major technological advances ensuring that CCTV continues to play a major role worldwide in helping to combat criminal and terrorist activity, it is not surprising that our CCTV training courses continue to be extremely popular. Our combination of classroom theory and ‘hands-on’ practical training courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the very latest advancements in CCTV technology. Our training courses cover the entire CCTV system planning and design process as well as the specification, installation, set up and maintenance of key system components such as cameras, lenses, DVR, NVRs and cabling.

Duration and Schedule
Course runs over 2 weeks. Contact 08034936178, 08027026674 to find out the fee and course schedule, or send email to

Learning Objectives
•    Understand CCTV Terminology
•    Understand the fundamental elements that make up a CCTV System.
•    Set up a Camera
•    Set up a Monitor
•    Set up DVR
•    Set up IP Camera
•    Back-up Recordings
•    Set up and test CCTV system
•    Be aware of the issues associated with lighting and scene illumination
Course Content
•    CCTV Systems:– Introduction and uses.
•    Elements of a basic CCTV system:- Camera, monitor and digital recorder.
•    Camera types and uses:- Fixed and movable, indoor and outdoor, monochrome and colour, day and night.
•    Camera specifications:- Sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and resolution.
•    Back Focus adjustment.
•    Lens types:- Fixed and variable focal length, manual and motorised zoom.
•    Use of lens calculator.
•    Scene illumination:- Lighting considerations, LED’s, infrared lamp maintenance and bulb life.
•    Monitors and Multiple screen displays.
•    Recording the footage:- Analogue and Digital video recorders.
•    Time-lapse recording. Reviewing video footage.
•    Cables and connectors: – Types, uses, limitations, preparation and testing.
•    Introduction to Digital CCTV and IP technology.
•    Connection to other security systems.
•    Relevant standards, issues and the “Operational Requirement”.
•    The Analogue or Digital option? Changing technology and keeping updated.

What makes us unique in the CCTV installation training industry?
We understand the CCTV market very well and we keep updated with current trends which enables us to deliver the most updated version of CCTV installation training. We are excited to share some of our past field experiences. We not only train students in installing and maintaining CCTV, we also understands many of you need cameras and other cctv gadgets at discounted price to be able to be competitive in the CCTV installation business.

We offer a highly practical training

Practice makes prefect and we understand nothing works better than a practical session. Our course is 70% practical and you will practice on CCTV system designing, CCTV installation, commissioning and maintenance. All these areas require practice, practice, practice and more practice and our course is designed to provide you with the maximum access time to all the tools, cameras, DVRs, IR lights, etc.

We have experienced trainers
Some of our resource persons have been involved in the cctv system design and installation from small shops to large buildings with hundreds of cctv camera in Nigeria. Our training courses are handled by experienced and educated professionals who had gained practical experiences in cctv system design and installation, as such 70% of the training is practical.

We are confident that our training is one of the best available in Nigeria. Our success rate is second to none and our desire to help you achieve your goal is part of our company’s mission.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on what we can do to help you by clicking the contact us button on the navigation bar.

Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to providing you with quality training. For enquiries or question, call us now on 08034936178, 08027026674.

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CCTV Installation Training
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