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quality cctv installation company in Nigeria

quality cctv installation company in Nigeria

Brand: Hybrid
Product Code: cctv installation company in nigeria
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Are there constant robbery and or kidnapping in your neighborhood? Is shoplifting bothering you? Are you frightened of incessant robberies in your area and or pilferage by your staff? You are not alone.

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System is the solution to these problems. The system comprises CCTV cameras, monitor and a few other ICT equipments installed to monitor activities taking place in your homes and or business premises. It monitors the activities of your staff, video and record the events taking place therein. It helps you keep an eye on your home/business.

The Benefits of CCTV Surveillance

Below is a list of the advantages CCTV can provide to your business:
• Helps reduce the fear of crime
• Acts as a visual crime deterrent (it scares robbers and kidnappers away)
• Helps detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings
• provides 24 hour protection
• Helps assist with the overall staff management
• Reduces the risk of human error
• Gives the shop owner peace of mind

CCTV is becoming an integral part of crime control policy across the world. We at Hybrid Mobile Technologies supply & carry out cctv installations in most efficient and cost saving manner. The cost of the installation is very affordable. We guarantee professional, reliable and supportive security solutions.

Why Choose Hybrid Mobile Technologies for CCTV Installation?

The visual clarity of our CCTV cameras is second to none. Many of our systems can recognize the detail of a clothes label, to the buttons on a shirt. Our surveillance can work in pitch darkness, bringing images right up to daylight levels.

Furthermore, in order to sort out the most secure CCTV system for your business we will begin with a consultation at your premises. The initial consultation will look at what you want to achieve with your CCTV system. Is it for safety purposes or security purposes, or both? We can configure the installation in such a way that you could view the video feed from the camera from anywhere in the world with your Smartphone or any internet enabled device.

Plus, Hybrid Mobile Technologies can remotely monitor, maintain and even manage your CCTV system if your needs be. Having a CCTV system will save you money in the long-term. You cannot afford not to have security. What’s more we deliver the package at affordable prices. If you have a problem, we have the solution.

Call us now on 08034936178, 08027026674, email:, for further discussion and inquiry


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quality cctv installation company in Nigeria
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